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Labor Day one of the deadliest holidays for motorists

If you’re on the road this weekend – be careful. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – according to analysis by GateHouse Media. The three-day weekend claims an average of 407 lives across the country, according to analysis of 10 years of data.
California, unsurprisingly, ranks among the deadliest because of how many drivers are on the road. Thirty-two lives lost in 2017 Labor Day weekend crashes. The state was topped only by Florida (39 deaths) and Texas (35 deaths). If population is taken into account, Vermont, Iowa and Mississippi are the deadlines (on a per capita basis).
“There are more car crashes during the holidays, because there are just more people on the road,” Josh Crowley, a personal injury attorney told “You just have more opportunities for car wrecks” he added. Drivers hitting the road ought to be more vigilant, and make sure they’re wearing a seatbelt. Out of the 394 deaths that occur in a single year, 143 were preventable had the passengers been wearing seatbelts.
These statistics are not just indicators of deadly car crashes. In general, car accidents during Labor Day weekend are higher. This means that, even if your life isn’t in danger, your wallet is. Even a small fender-bender can raise insurance rates for drivers. Worse yet, if a motorist is uninsured a wreck could result in a several hundred dollar fine or jail time. Research has show that a single $2,000 accident could cause your auto insurance rates to go up as much as 31%.
The U.S. Department of Transportation also warns against drunk driving – which tends to be significantly increased during holiday weekends. “During [this season], law enforcement agencies will increase patrols and drivers will begin seeing a set of ads depicting the consequences of driving drunk.”