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Here Are The Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Sacramento, CA

Find the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Your Area

Sacramento, the capital city of the state of California, has average car insurance rates of $2,157. Drivers in this city pay, on average, 4% more expensive than the statewide average. However, while insurance in this city is cheaper than other parts of the state, choosing the right insurer can make a tremendous amount of difference. We found that car insurance premiums in Sacramento varied by as much as $3,500. Check out the rest of this guide to learn which insurers are the most affordable in Sacramento, and what else you should think about as you shop for the right one for you.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Sacramento

Our first step in analyzing auto insurance prices in Sacramento was to consider prices across different insurers in the city. We specifically surveyed car insurance premiums from 45 companies. We found that Everest National, Metromile and Horace Mann Prop and Cas had some of the most affordable premiums in the city. On the flip side, quotes from Viking, Liberty Mutual and Bankers Standard are among the most expensive. Note: the prices here were obtained for a sample driver profile (which we outline in the methodology section at the bottom of this article).
Check out the table below to see a complete of Sacramento car insurers we surveyed. 
CompanyAverage Annual Insurance Premium
Everest National$1,012
Horace Mann Prop and Cas$1,414
Horace Mann$1,465
Metropolitan Direct$1,527
California Casualty$1,565
CSAA Insurance Exchange$1,588
Government Employees Ins Co$1,610
California Capital$1,722
Amica Mutual$1,834
CSE Safeguard$1,839
Pacific Property & Casualty$1,927
Alliance United$1,980
Progressive West$1,990
Financial Indemnity$2,033
United Financial Cas (Progressive)$2,043
Traveler’s Commercial$2,061
Western General$2,078
Permanent General$2,078
Nations Ins. Co.$2,201
21st Century$2,367
National General/Integon$2,422
Federal Ins (CHUBB)$2,508
Anchor General$2,633
Coast National$2,742
State Farm$2,775
Bankers Standard$3,295
Liberty Mutual$3,449
As you shop for car insurance in Sacramento, you should always obtain multiple quotes from several of the companies we outlined above – including ones that we name as some of the most expensive. Why? Because certain insurers may provide discounts or special premiums for certain drivers. For example, some large insurers offer accident forgiveness. That means if you were involved in an accident, you may still pay lower rates (when normally an insurer would raise your premiums tremendously following an accident).
Lastly, you also want to consider the reputation of these companies as well when choosing your insurer. Why does that matter? Well, if you choose the cheapest possible insurer, you may end up with a company that has a more difficult claims process. Consider user reviews before settling on a company.

What Are The Cheapest Cars to Insure?

Another way to break out car insurance prices in Sacramento is to look at the cost to insure different types of vehicles. We found that the Toyota Highlander was the least expensive to insure, while a BMW and Honda Accord were among the most expensive. Despite what some may think, the color of your vehicle doesn’t influence its insurance rates – even if you have race stripes painted on it!
CarAvg. Annual Insurance Premium
Honda Accord$2,360
Toyota Highlander$2,223
While your vehicle will play a role in how much you pay, keep in mind there are far more significant factors. Your age, driving history and where you live will all have a far bigger impact on your final monthly premium. For example, if you had an accident in your past or a drunk driving violation, you will likely pay over $5,000/month for insurance even if you drive a Toyota. That’s because insurers everywhere, including in Sacramento, are trying to charge prices based on how risky a particular driver is (that is how likely they are to get into another insurance and file a claim).

California Auto Insurance Requirements

Drivers in Sacramento must adhere to minimum car insurance requirements that are set by California. How much insurance coverage you get, directly affects your monthly premium. Therefore, electing for minimum coverage will mean you will pay the lowest possible price for your auto insurance. In Sacramento, the minimum car insurance you are required to have is:
  • $15,000 for injury/death to one person.
  • $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person.
  • $5,000 for damage to property.
The above requirements are outlined in California Insurance Code §11580.1b 
We recommend readers don’t simply go for the lowest amount of coverage required of them. It’s best to consider your financial situation, and elect for higher coverage limits if you can afford to do it. You should ideally take out as much liability coverage as your total net worth. This is to protect you from potential lawsuits in the event you get into an accident where you’re at fault, and the other driver decides to file a lawsuit against you. This is the biggest risk you want to hedge against, and where your insurance protects you most.


Our analysis was conducted based on insurance quotes we obtained from the California Departament of Insurance. The quotes were obtained for a sample driver, with a standard policy choice. By keeping this profile constant, we were able to find the relative difference between Sacramento insurance companies and vehicles. Here is the profile we used:
  • Coverage Type: Standard
  • Location: All
  • Insurance For: Male
  • Years Licensed: 9 to 15
  • Mileage: 7,600 – 10,000
  • Driving Record: No Violations
  • Vehicle: Honda Accord