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Here Are The Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Oakland, CA

Find the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Your Area

We studied auto insurance rates in Oakland to find out who offers the cheapest rates. Our research shows the average car insurance premium in Oakland is $2,267. Furthermore Everest National quotes some of the lowest premiums in the city. Check out the rest of this guide for a more in depth guide to auto insurance in the city, and how to make sure you make the best possible choice.

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As stated above, our survey revealed Everest National to be the most affordable car insurance company in Oakland. For our sample driver profile, they quoted a price that was 55% lower than the city average, and 51% lower than the rest of the state. In general, auto insurance prices in Oakland varied by as much as $4,000, with Viking being one of the most expensive. Check out the chart below to see the variability in insurance prices for Oakland drivers. 
The table below shows the complete results of our survey, and gives you a breakdown of insurers relative to one another.
CompanyAverage of Annual Premium
Everest National$1,010
Horace Mann Prop and Cas$1,487
Horace Mann$1,540
Metropolitan Direct$1,584
Government Employees Ins Co$1,622
Amica Mutual$1,662
California Capital$1,664
California Casualty$1,733
CSAA Insurance Exchange$1,765
CSE Safeguard$1,871
Alliance United$1,928
Western General$1,957
Progressive West$2,003
Pacific Property & Casualty$2,067
Traveler’s Commercial$2,087
United Financial Cas (Progressive)$2,096
Financial Indemnity$2,273
Nations Ins. Co.$2,388
21st Century$2,497
Permanent General$2,570
National General/Integon$2,809
Federal Ins (CHUBB)$2,817
State Farm$2,826
Coast National$2,878
Anchor General$2,886
Bankers Standard$2,934
Liberty Mutual$3,716
In ever guide, we urge readers to always shop around obtain multiple quotes before deciding on an insurer. While our results show Everest is the cheapest option, you could still find a cheaper price with one of their competitors. Insurers change their prices throughout the year, so it’s always best to cover all your bases. Obtaining a quote takes just a few minutes, but it could save you thousands of dollars over the course of a few years.

What Are The Cheapest Cars to Insure?

To produce a more complete guide to auto insurance prices in Oakland, we also collected rates for different types of vehicles. Our findings show that the Toyota Highlander are one of the cheapest types of cars to insure. These prices stay relatively consistent between companies with some small variability. It’s a common misconception that the color of your car has an impact on your insurance price. This is false. Red and blue vehicles cost the same to insure. See the table below for a sample breakout of Oakland car insurance quotes we obtained for different name and model cars.
CarAvg. Annual Insurance Premium
Honda Accord$2,360
Toyota Highlander$2,223
While it may seem that your car is the biggest determining factor in your final price, that is actually not the case. The biggest portion of your insurance bill is determined by your total liability to the insurer. They look to asses your risk as a driver. This helps them model expected losses within a year, and hedge against that by charging risky drivers more for their insurance.

California Auto Insurance Requirements

The minimum insurance you’re required to obtain as a driver in Oakland is:
  • $15,000 for injury/death to one person.
  • $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person.
  • $5,000 for damage to property.
These requirements are dictated by the state of California. Driving with lower limits may prevent you from successfully filing a claim in the future. It may also make you liable in the eyes of the law (as if you were driving uninsured). If you leave Oakland and drive to another state, your limits will adhere to at least that states minimum amount of coverage.While getting minimum coverage may be tempting (since it will result in the lowest possible premiums) we advise against this. You want to consider how much insurance you can afford, and try to obtain at least enough liability coverage to cover your net worth. This will offer you maximum protection should you be sued as a result of an accident you were at fault for.


To conduct this study, our analysts analyzed Oakland car insurance quotes provided by the California Department of Insurance. We used a sample driver profile to collect these quotes, and kept that profile fixed. Therefore, while the absolute prices you see here may differ from what you see if you don’t match our driver profile, know that the relative difference between insurers and vehicles analyzed here will hold for the most part.Here is the model driver profile we used in our Oakland analysis:
  • Coverage Type: Standard
  • Location: All
  • Insurance For: Male
  • Years Licensed: 9 to 15
  • Mileage: 7,600 – 10,000
  • Driving Record: No Violations
  • Vehicle: Honda Accord