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What is Find29?

Our company is dedicated to bringing consumers the best insurance advice on the web. Every day thousands of shoppers pick policies which they will hold onto for years to come. Making the wrong choice can cost them thousands of dollars. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Why are we doing this? We’d be lying if we said there is no profit in providing users with this type of service. We make money when users get quotes from our partners. Despite our business model, EVERYTHING on this site is independent and not influenced by advertiser dollars. We will never compromise our integrity for the sake of a cheap buck. If nothing else, doing so would erode the quality of our content and potentially damage our reputation and brand. 

The team

Daniel Young


Daniel has been covering the insurance industry since 2013. He worked as an analyst, compiling hundreds of guides, data studies and tools that helped millions of consumers make better financial decisions. Find29 is the culmination of his years of experience, and his attempt to create his greatest insurance resource ever.

Gregory Wium


Gregory is passionate about leveraging big data to help consumers make smarter financial decisions. He is Find29’s head of Data Analytics, and is responsible for all of the content you’ll find on our data blog.

All the resources on our website are free and will be always. Please browse and enjoy!